PART TWO – Your Organization’s DEI-related Beliefs & Perceptions


Participants will assess their own organization’s DEI-related beliefs and perceptions by comparing them to actual culture assessment results and then collaboratively identify areas of strength and opportunity. 

 Culture Assessment 

A. Group discussion: Before sharing the organizational culture assessment results, the facilitator will ask participants a few questions from the culture assessment to assess what they believe to be true compared to actual results. ***There may only be time to share small portion of the results, so choose a handful of insights you want to share or if there is not time for this, move onto reviewing a portion of the assessment results***

    1. What do you think your candidate pool looks like? Where are your candidates typically sourced from? 
    2. List 5 of your divisions/departments; which groups are represented there? 
    3. Which groups are getting promoted across groups? 
    4. How satisfied are your employees on a scale of 1-5? 
    5. Do your employees feel recognized? 
    6. What percent of your employees have experienced microaggressions in the workplace? 


B. Review culture assessment results and action planning: After presenting a portion of the results and a summary of findings, ask the group the following questions and post answers on the whiteboard.  

    1. What was surprising or stood out? 
    2. What are the strengths of our culture? 
    3. What areas require improvement? 
    4. Were there discrepancies in perceptions (leadership, employees, different departments)? 
    5. What impact is the current culture having on employee engagement and performance?
    6. What 3 immediate actions should be taken?
      1. What metrics will we use to measure progress? 
      2. How will leadership be responsible for results?
      3. Who will be responsible for implementing actions, and what are the timelines for each step? 

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