Pillars of Inclusive Leadership

Materials Needed:

Activity Setup:

  1. Divide participants into small groups of 4-5 people.
  2. Give each group a large sheet of paper, markers, sticky notes, and pens.
  3. Draw four sections on each large sheet, labeling them with the four pillars of inclusive leadership (4 Pillars: Relationship Building, Increasing Representation, Extending Opportunities, Amplifying the work of others). 


  • 1. Relationship Building 
    • Each group member writes his or her name on a sticky note and places it in the ‘Relationship Building’ section.
    • Then, they write down one unique skill or quality they bring to a team on the same sticky note.
    • Group members take turns sharing their skill/quality and discuss how these diverse attributes can strengthen team relationships.
  • 2. Increasing Representation
    • In the ‘Increasing Representation’ section, each group draws or writes down ideas on how to increase diversity in their teams or organizations.
    • Encourage thinking beyond just demographics; consider diversity of thought, experience, and background.
  • 3. Extending Opportunities 
    • In the ‘Extending Opportunities’ section, group members brainstorm and list down ways to create and extend opportunities to underrepresented individuals in their professional circles.
    • This could include mentorship programs, leadership training, etc.
  • 4. Amplifying the Work of Others 
    • In the ‘Amplifying the Work of Others’ section, groups discuss and note down strategies to highlight and promote the accomplishments of team members, especially those who might be overlooked.
    • Encourage the idea of giving credit, vocal support, and visibility to others’ contributions.

5. Group Sharing

    • Each group presents their ‘Inclusive Leadership Mosaic’ to the rest of the participants, explaining their ideas and strategies for each pillar.
    • Facilitate a short discussion after each presentation, encouraging feedback and additional ideas from other participants.
  1. Share Article
    • Facilitators can share the LinkedIn article “Inclusive Leadership Requires 4 Key Pillars” with the group or share a few pertinent actions they can take under each pillar. 4 Key Pillars

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