Icebreaker: Inclusive Leadership Diversity Walk


This half-day workshop aims to equip leadership teams with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to become inclusive leaders. Participants will explore the significance of inclusive leadership, identify actionable steps for fostering diversity and equity within their teams and organizations, and commit to inclusively leading.

Session 4 Materials


  • Whiteboard
  • Open space where participants can move freely 
  • Statements for Diversity Walk related to diversity, inclusion, personal experiences, workplace situations 
  • Tape to indicate starting potion of icebreaker activity 
  • Large sheets of paper 
  • Markers 
  • Sticky notes (multiple colors)
  • Pens 


  • Inclusive Leadership Worksheets (completed) 


Icebreaker: Inclusive Leadership Diversity Walk 

Objective: Participants will reflect on their diverse experiences and backgrounds and how it impacts their leadership styles and decision-making. 

  • Facilitator Setup:
    • Arrange the room so there is ample space for participants to walk and stand.
    • Place tape or markers to define a central line or area where all participants will start.
  • Instructions to Participants:
    • All participants start from the central line or area.
  • Facilitator’s Role: As the facilitator, you will read out a series of statements. After each statement, participants will move or remain in place based on their experiences or opinions related to the statement.
  • Movement Rules:
    • If a statement applies to them, they take a step forward.
    • If a statement doesn’t apply, they remain where they are.
    • Encourage honesty but also respect for personal privacy.

Statements for Diversity Walk:

  1. Step forward if you have worked in more than one country.
  2. Step forward if you speak or understand more than one language.
  3. Step forward if you are the first in your family to hold a corporate position.
  4. Step forward if you have had a mentor who significantly influenced your career.
  5. Step forward if you have ever changed your natural way of speaking or appearance to blend in professionally.
  6. Step forward if you have been the only person of your gender, race, or ethnicity in a professional meeting or team.
  7. Step forward if you have ever sponsored or mentored someone from a different background than your own.
  8. Step forward if you have experienced a significant cultural misunderstanding or conflict in the workplace.
  9. Step forward if you have ever felt the need to downplay a part of your identity (such as your cultural background, age, or personal interests) to fit into your corporate environment.
  10. Step forward if you have ever encountered a language barrier or cultural miscommunication that impacted your work or a work relationship.
  11. Step forward if you have ever felt discriminated against in the workplace.

Reflect on the Experience:

After the activity, ask participants to reflect: 

  1. What they observed. 
  2. How did it feel to step forward or not?
  3.  What did they notice about the diversity within the group?
  4. Lead a discussion on how these diverse experiences and backgrounds can impact leadership styles and decision-making.

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