We improve innovation in the workplace

Innovation isn’t a process problem. It’s a people problem.

Leaders Need Help

  • Managing versus doing
  • Keeping up with the speed of change
  • Leading in uncertain times
  • Supporting team weight and infusing inspiration and resilience

Employees Need Clarity

  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Being trusted and valued in their work with responsiblity for business outcomes
  • Knowing how they are doing and being recognized and appreciated
  • Understanding work life balance
  • Feeling included with a sense of belonging

Culture is More Complex

  • Building culture in a remote/hybrid environment is challenging
  • People want to understand their purpose and know how they are valued
  • Emotional intelligence has collectively declined since the pandemic
  • Communication is impacted by less interaction and fewer “water cooler” encounters

Innovation is Untapped

  • Collaboration is challenged by new hybrid work models
  • People do not feel safe to generate new ideas and take risks
  • Implementation is difficult without clarity around accountability
  • Value creation is diminished when innovation becomes the work of only a chosen few
We are dedicated to improving workplace innovation and helping organizations thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. Innovation isn’t just a process problem, it’s a people problem. That’s why we believe that innovation is a way of being. We work with our clients to assess their current state of innovation and develop a custom plan to bridge any gaps and move the organization forward. Are you ready to take action and embrace human innovation throughout your entire organization? Explore our advisory services, design thinking workshops, and leadership development programs. Ignite your teams with our innovation infusions and unlock their full potential. Contact us today and let’s embark on an innovative journey together!
Human Deal Framework

Innovation is a Way of Being

In today’s highly volatile, uncertain, and complex environment the organizations that thrive are those that are able to move and change.  Data shows that in order to “keep up” with the speed of change, organizations will need to reinvent themselves every 3 years. This is stunning to consider, and demonstrates that sustained success requires a culture committed to and built for human innovation. 

Innovation requires collaboration, ideation, implementation and value creation. It isn’t just a discipline fior a chosen few. The most successful organizations will be those that  implement human innovation throughout their entire organization — those that integrate innovation into their DNA, those that make innovation a way of being. 

In order to help our clients along their pathway to becoming an Innovative Culture we begin with a multifaceted assessment that allows us to better understand where the organization is at on critical elements that nurture innovation – psychological safety, trust, support, communication, diversity, inclusion, emotional intelligence, clear directions (mission, vision, values) and others. 

Once we have identified the gaps across the system we create a custom plan to help bridge the gaps and meaningfully move the organization forward. Are you ready to take action? 


Working with Switch was such a refreshing experience for the Gray CPA Inc team.  We entered as a team that had slowly begun to tunnel our own silos and were losing our cohesion and unity that our firm culture had been built on.  The workshops with Switch allowed our team to reignite our passions for why we do what we do, while learning new methods for innovative ideas and problem solving as a whole unit again.  This new environment helped the momentum shift to really realign our cultural values with our actions and propel us to clarity.  Switch’s ease of scheduling, care in our agenda setting, diligence in follow-up, and the creativity of collaboration in the outcome summaries for action has truly changed our firm.
Misty Aschenbach

President, Gray CPA, Inc

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