Leadership Olympics

The Epic Pageantry and Impact of Ancient Olympic Games — Customized for Your Organization 

Leadership has heretofore been very linear – one event designed for one style of leader (and one style of team that follows or fails). Our goal is to enhance, improve, strengthen, and personalize leadership by recognizing our differences, weaknesses, and creativity – and forging them into bonded communities that benefit not just the team, but the playing field. Not by leveling it, but by setting appropriate, realistic, modern, raised, standards and meeting them. (And maybe exceeding them.)

Why all this Ancient Olympics stuff? Why can’t we just stick with the modern version we already know and love? Well, to really get at something we’re used to –  something we accept – we need to dig back into how it got that way. The Leadership Olympics is about examining our understanding of leadership by taking apart something we think we know and peering far beneath the surface to get to the meaningful stuff lurking below. 

Put Your Organization at the Top of Mount Olympus.

Need to inject some ancient wisdom and healthy competition into your organization?  Let us craft your ideal Olympiad.