We inspire people and organizations to tackle the transformative work of innovation.

Innovation is not about efficiency, or creating a better process, it’s about being resilient and creating a culture where people feel a sense of belonging and are safe to explore and take the risks that lead to breakthroughs. Switch teaches leaders how to lead for innovation.

Imagine a place where emotional intelligence is high. Where people promote a healthy risk tolerance and are ready — even excited — for positive change. Imagine a resilient environment where people feel psychologically safe. A place where a diverse group of humans all feel included and have a sense of belonging. Imagine individuals and teams thriving within a world of clear roles and responsibilities that allows them to innovate and reach peak productivity. Where people are supported by continuous time and effort spent on their development. Imagine a place where people overcome fear and embrace collaboration in a healthy and sustainable growth culture — an Innovative Culture.

How might work — and life — be better in such a place?

Let us help you find out.


The Switch Innovation Method™

The Switch Innovation Method combines the best practices of Design Thinking and Organizational Development into a comprehensive method that supports the human conditions required for innovation.

Purple represents process
Green represents people

Switch Innovation Method

Developing leaders and fostering an innovative culture is the key to unlocking performance, igniting creativity and resilience, and achieving organizational success.

Innovation is Broken. We are here to fix it.

We work with individuals, leaders, and teams to improve their innovation process — and more importantly, the people and culture within the process.

Innovation is an exciting driver of growth and a requirement for high-performing, resilient, and sustainable organizations. Let us guide you on your innovation journey.


Some of the good people we’ve worked with …

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ISS National Lab
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Home Depot
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Where is your organization on the innovation readiness scale?

Do you need help getting people living and working at their highest level? Are you feeling stagnant, stuck, or searching for new ideas and an injection of hope and inspiration? Let’s have a conversation.

Innovation for Organizations

Build the foundation for innovation, starting with your people.

Mission, Vision, Values

Belonging: The Prerequisite for Innovation

Innovation for Teams

Explore corporate team building events and workshops guaranteed to ignite your teams. Engage in innovation and problem solving in real time — and then apply those lessons to your business.

Surge: Leadership Development at the Speed of Change

Leadership Olympics

Organizational Rhapsody

Mind in Boat

Innovation for Individuals

Executive coaching uniquely focused on the attributes that create innovative leaders.

Coaching for Innovation

Putting Innovation into Action

Schedule a design thinking workshop or sprint to tackle a current challenge or innovate around a new idea:

Design Thinking Workshops