Moving organizations from insight to innovation to measurable outcomes.

The frantic pace of business requires intentionally carving out the time and space for innovation.   

See how we helped a global software leader gain insights and take action >

Culture does not consist of words hanging on a wall.

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See how we helped this global software leader gain insights and take action >

Positive, lasting change starts with each and every one of us.

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See how we helped this global software leader gain insights and take action >

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The Switch Innovation Process

  • We ground ourselves in what is known, believed and needed.
  • We identify the gaps in resources and understanding.
  • We create immersive experiences where light bulb moments and innovation happen.
  • We develop the action plan to create accountability, maintain momentum, and drive growth.
  • We support and nourish the people throughout the process to ensure success.

We believe that life and business are better with hope, movement, positivity, and light bulb moments. We have been fortunate to see this in action time and time again — that “a-ha!” moment* where inspiration strikes, the metaphorical light bulb turns on, and innovation begins. We live for these moments, because we know them to be the driving force towards energetic and positive growth.

This is why we exist. To facilitate light bulb moments and share in the joy of those collaborative revelations. Does joy seem like too strong a word when talking about business? It shouldn’t be. Innovation is joyful.

* not to be confused with this a-ha moment