How We Work

We approach each project with curiosity and empathy. We believe in the power of a good question — and understand that is not always  the easy question. We create environments that allow everyone we work with to see and think differently. We aren’t afraid to dig deep.

But first we need to know more about YOU. This discovery starts with a  series of conversations intentionally designed to better understand your team and your organization throughout each element of the Switch Innovation Ecosystem. From these conversations, we are able to identify where within the Ecosystem you most need support and how we can help get you and your team unstuck.


The services we offer come in many forms and are customized to meet your needs. Generally, we have found that our clients need support in several ways:

Design Thinking Workshops

Our custom workshops are immersive, energetic experiences specfically designed to engage and inspire. Your team will collaborate and problem solve in new ways as they begin the work of solving their biggest challenges. In order to maintain momentum, participants will leave each workshop with a defined action plan and accountability check-points.

Switch Cultural Readiness Survey

We created this proprietary instrument to better understand your people and culture. It provides insight into employee engagement, tools, values, and leadership support for innovation. Additionally, this survey gathers metrics on key health behaviors and stressors that impact an employee’s ability to show up and perform at their highest level.

Innovation Dashboard

The Innovation Dashboard allows your organization to get a pulse on how you are doing across all five elements of the Switch Ecosystem. The Dashboard enables leadership to quickly see which areas of the ecosystem require the most attention. It tracks actions that have been committed to and the RACI that your team has created.

Illumination Roadmap

The Switch Illumination Roadmap is a visual strategic overview of concepts, ideas and actions that emerged during a Switch workshop. Roadmaps are effective at capturing and managing the development and execution of key projects or initiatives.


Switch Playbook

The Switch Playbook is the tactical plan for implementation of the Illumination Roadmap. The Playbook details initiatives, timelines, responsibilities, and success metrics so your team can quickly begin moving forward on defined initiatives.

Ongoing Support

We believe that people need support in order to develop and grow. Switch provides individual and team coaching, facilitation, and accountability check-points to ensure your team has the necessary support for successful implementation.