How We Work

Our process is immersive and inclusive. We work to better understand your organization, your people, your opportunities and your challenges so we can create a program or action plan that works best for your unique needs.

Our Process

  • We ground ourselves in what is known, believed and needed.
  • We identify the gaps in resources and understanding.
  • We create immersive experiences where light bulb moments and innovation happen.
  • We develop the action plan to create accountability, maintain momentum, and drive growth.
  • We support and nourish the people throughout the process to ensure success.

We believe that life and business are better with hope, movement, positivity, and light bulb moments. We have been fortunate to see this in action time and time again — that “a-ha!” moment* where inspiration strikes, the metaphorical light bulb turns on, and innovation and action begins. We live for these moments, because we know them to be the driving force towards energetic and positive growth.

This is why we exist. To facilitate light bulb moments and share in the joy of those collaborative revelations. Does joy seem like too strong a word when talking about business? It shouldn’t be. Innovation is joyful.

* not to be confused with this a-ha moment

To stay fresh and effective as leaders, we should always continue learning and evolving as we adapt to the ever-changing world we live in. This often requires tapping into other team members’ strengths and knowledge. Our work with Switch Innovation has created a greater internal dialogue and a more unified team, where even on the busiest days we are supporting each other. Switch Innovation has encouraged us to test new methods and challenge the way things have always been done, while staying focused on keeping our strategic initiatives aligned. Through our collaboration with Switch Innovation we are adapting to different team dynamics, creating a vision, and inspiring our team to achieve it.

Ferzan Ahmed

Executive Director, Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission

What Do You Need? 

Many clients call us when they are struggling with these types of challenges: 

  • We need to innovate or are falling behind
  • Our market conditions are changing, we need to do things differently
  • We need new ideas and inspiration
  • We need new skills in order to lead effectively
  • We have a specific problem we need to solve and we are struggling
  • We need an outsider’s perspective
  • We need an engaging event or experience with a purpose (team building, not team bonding)
  • We need to define and live our mission, vision and core values

Working Together

The Switch Difference

  • We bring life to our facilitations by making them interactive and engaging. We don’t use powerpoint. We don’t rely on slideshows. We connect directly with people and allow them the space to share, dream, engage, and build.
  • We build community. We strive to create spaces and engagements where all people are comfortable sharing their stories. Participants are often surprised at the commonalities in the room. 
  • We recognize that many times the answers are already sitting inside the room. There is power residing in the amazing brains of the people in the room. Our job is to ask the right questions and inspire new ideas, to create collaboration opportunities, and to facilitate a-ha moments.  
  • We make tough work easier through storytelling, laughter, curiosity and an authentic desire to help. We are idea generators and creative people in every sense of the word. 
  • We recognize that while change is omnipresent, it’s also very scary. Humans are inherently risk averse and will choose the status quo – even an uncomfortable one – over a new approach. This stifles innovation and problem solving. We get people comfortable and then excited about change and the possibilities it brings. 
  • We model the behavior that we hope to create. Shared leadership, comfort in failure, respectful dialogue and disagreement. We are genuinely curious and invested in the conversation. We are open and vulnerable during the process and we encourage others to follow our lead.
  • We make it feel like we are all on the same team, even if we are only on your team for a short time. Our only agenda is yours. We can pivot on a dime to meet the needs of the room and your people. 

Who We Work With

We are intentionally diverse in the industries and markets we serve. Human centered means being broadly informed – otherwise we are missing the bigger pictures. Being well-versed in numerous industries allows us to effectively connect dots and generate ideas in any space we operate in. 

We have extensive experience in healthcare, manufacturing, services, infrastructure, software, education, retail — and likely with your industry, too. This experience will inform and flavor our questions and insights into your specific project. 

Where We Work

Our work is not only diverse in scope but also diverse in delivery. While we love being in person and rolling up our sleeves alongside you and your teams, we also appreciate, and understand the value of utilizing remote platforms to do the work of growth and innovation. Whether in person or virtual, you will still experience the unique Switch difference — an experience that is rooted in community, curiosity, interaction, and engagement.

Innovation is Hope in Action

Let us help you reignite hope in your organization and turn it into action. Reach out and let’s schedule a time to chat.