Mind in Boat


Teamwork is essential to every successful, thriving business and — there is much we can learn from the teams that row crew. Rowing is a difficult sport. One race is equal to the exertion of two basketball games played back-to-back but in the span of less than six minutes (if you’re doing a 2000m race). Like many businesses today, it requires grit, discipline, and — most importantly — teamwork.

In a race, a crew has their boat and each member plays a distinct and essential role. The same concept can also be applied to any company or organization. Work requires effort and mental fortitude. and no one goes through it alone. CEO’s, managers, remote workers — all have to rely on other people in one way or another.

Teamwork is essential to every successful, thriving business and there is much we can learn from teams that row crew. We developed “Mind in Boat” as an experiential journey that takes the leadership and team lessons from the most successful crews and applies them within your business. Our partnership with the The Foundry Community Rowing and Sailing Center gives you access to the premier tankhouse in the United States. Are you up for the challenge?

Some things your team will experience:

  • Leading like a coxswain — and why getting thrown overboard can be a good thing
  • What it truly means to get in the swing
  • How to regain the pace when catching a crab
  • How each seat in the boat serves a unique and important purpose
  • How to push through difficult challenges and remain resilient in the face of adversity
  • Why setting the proper pace is so critical to team success
The Boys in the Boat

Many themes and learning from this program are based on the book The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. This inspiring true story of the 1936 American Olympic crew team provides rich context and storytelling for the immersive experience of the Mind in Boat program.

"Sometimes, you will feel as if you have rowed right off the planet and are rowing among the stars.” — George Yeoman Pocock

Are you going to get into the swing or catch a crab? Put your team through their paces and watch the magic happen. Let us give you all the details for Mind in Boat.