Innovation Infusions

Innovation Infusions

Do your people need a jolt? Not the electrodes in Frankenstein kind, but the inspirational, “holy cow I didn’t know we could do this” kind? That’s why we created Innovation Infusions. These themed, full-day programs can be further customized to meet the needs of your specific team, and are foundational building blocks for future work. 

It’s Not Enough to Host an Event — Meaning Needs to be Made of the Experience

We know that engaging both brain and body in immersive experiences embeds learning. We also know that experiences are exponentially more powerful when they are shared. Standing side by side, “doing the work” (or play!) together gives it more meaning and context.  Research shows that participating in high stress and high purpose activities in a controlled environment creates high performing teams and increased emotional intelligence.

People aren’t always aware of the full scope of learning while in the moment of a team building experience. This is why we spend time sharing and unpacking learning from the activities, including how they apply to the work of the organization. 

True Team Building, Not Just Team Bonding

Experiences are amplified when shared. As people work through challenges together they connect in meaningful ways. Colleagues begin to discover strengths and see each other in new ways. By working together towards a common (and difficult) goal, rapid testing and learning in a short time frame, and celebrating success upon completion, teams experience first hand how they can innovate together. Along the way, each person is challenged to take risks and collaborate in new ways. It’s also a chance to see in real time how people show up at their best — and where communication and other challenges might be barriers to innovation.

Remote Workforces Require Team Building to Form Bonds

Even organizations with strong internal cultures are challenged to extend that culture to remote and hybrid employees. Creating connection through intentionally curated in-person team building events is a requirement to ensuring ALL employees feel engaged with a sense of belonging and commitment to organizational purpose. People need the “why” for their work, and they need to experience their fellow team members in-person to be able build trust and engage fully.     

The Innovation Infusion Programs

Each of the following programs is customized to meet the specific goals of your team and organization. Click any link to read more.

Innovation for Organizations

Build the foundation for innovation, starting with your people.

Mission, Vision, Values

Belonging: The Prerequisite for Innovation

Innovation for Teams

Explore corporate team building events and workshops guaranteed to ignite your teams. Engage in innovation and problem solving in real time — and then apply those lessons to your business.

Surge: Leadership Development at the Speed of Change

Leadership Olympics

Organizational Rhapsody

Mind in Boat

Innovation for Individuals

Executive coaching uniquely focused on the attributes that create innovative leaders.

Coaching for Innovation

Putting Innovation into Action

Schedule a design thinking workshop or sprint to tackle a current challenge or innovate around a new idea:

Design Thinking Workshops