This week I had the opportunity to join a group of women for a Wild Morning retreat, part of the Women in the Wild program from Vibrant Living and Leadership.

It was only two hours.

Two, glorious hours of quiet, connection, community and reflection.

We sat together. Reflected. Meditated. And spent time walking and taking in our surroundings.

It was simple. It was powerful. And it reminded me that taking this time for ourselves is essential to our wellbeing. After spending only two hours I entered my office refreshed, renewed and above all else – happy. I even had colleagues comment on my happiness – so it was not only how I felt inside it was flowing outwards. Pure joy and peace.

The still that this retreat provided helped me to arrive at some clarity on issues and challenges that have plagued me for weeks (and in some cases years).

I am reminded of how much I (we) need to take this time for ourselves. I am recommitted to giving myself this time. To holding quiet, reflective time as sacred.

  • A slow walk in the morning to let the chickens out for the day.
  • An intentional look at my surroundings to observe the dew, the moon, the clouds and the breeze.
  • Gratitude for another day.
  • Time to write and reflect before starting my to do list.

Small steps to help nurture my mind, body, and spirit so I can be a more effective parent and leader.

What small steps can you take to add a pause to your week? What can you do to create a pause for those you lead or love?

These are questions I will be challenging my clients with in the coming weeks.

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