Fall is an interesting time of year. The bright, inspiring colors of the midwest followed by the gray Ohio skies can play tricks with your energy and your outlook. With all of its complexity, Fall is still my favorite time of year. The crisp air, glorious colors and the feeling of change and opportunity surrounds us. Even with all of the hope and inspiration that the season brings, the transition can be bumpy and riddled with doubt and fear as we plan for the new year. Initial inspiration and ideas followed by the gray cloud of doubt and hesitation.

I am sure many of us are busy planning and looking ahead. We help many clients envision the future, providing inspiration and perspective for what is next. The inspiration, the visioning, can be inspiring. The dreaming yields energy of hope and can trigger all the good feeling brain chemicals.

The self doubt sneaks in when the energy has subsided. The quiet, dark fall mornings leaves the door open for voices that may move us off track or pull us back.

The amazing thing about our bodies is that our brains are specifically wired to protect and keep us safe. Our brains love the predictable and will push against change or anything with perceived risk or danger. When you sit in the quiet moments of doubt, remember your biology is playing its role. It’s doing its job. Pay attention. Consider its worth. Ground yourself. And move forward.

Happy planning everyone! And if you need an outside perspective to help you see what is possible or to help you push through self sabotage, we would love to help.

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