I was about 15 years into my career when my coach asked me what my super power was – silence.

I had always struggled to identify my gift, my super power, what made me special.

My older sister and others were such naturals. Their gifts were so apparent. She is clearly an amazing singer – performer and professor. She is clearly gifted with children – teacher.

I never had that. No one, including myself, had ever said “oh you are so good at X.”

I had always hated questions about what I wanted to be, or what I was good at. But this time, my coach pushed me to discover the answer. I awkwardly reached out to friends and family and asked them the question – “so my coach is forcing me to ask you this, what is my super power?” – and I was amazed at what came back. My best friends from all different times and my family were in alignment. My super power was listening and connecting dots.

First, I was stunned at the speed and consistency of their responses.

Second, I was baffled, how in the world is that a super power?

This was an experience that I have carried with me over the last 10 years and a question that I have posed to many of my coaching clients. I have also come to embrace and celebrate the “super power” that I had always written off. My ability to connect dots, to see patterns across businesses, conversations, industries and data of all kinds has allowed me to give my clients insight that has contributed to their growth and to achieving their goals.

As we enter this holiday season, this season of reflection and giving thanks I am grateful and celebrate my coach that posed that challenging question so many years ago. A simple ask that has led to so much insight, understanding and love for myself and what makes me valuable to this world. What is your super power? If you aren’t sure, ask those who know you the best. Reflect on what people rely on you for. You might just discover the greatest gift of all.