Getting Curious About Culture

I have always been fascinated with culture. Observing and trying to understand what makes an organization tick. Watching people within and around an organization and noting their behaviors. The norms. The language. The movement. The space.

The assembly of these parts create the environment, the culture, and the human experience within an organization.

When I began my career working in brand building, my favorite part about the discovery phase was to learn about the company itself. What’s working what’s not. What actually differentiates them — often the product. Their biggest challenges — often people related. I wanted to keep digging and asking to understand the experience of working at this company. This led me to pursue a masters in organizational development. I was determined to take my education and experience and help build brand culture. How do you actually live within an organization?

Fast forward 15 years. I have continued to be focused on and fascinated by culture. Whether working with executives on leadership development or teams on team dynamics and trust, I always go back to the environment and the culture that they are working within and contributing to. Even as we discuss change and growth within the four walls of a coaching session or facilitation, I am acutely aware that without an understanding and appreciation of the culture, where they “live”, our work can only go so far. It can only make so much of a difference.

Our environment matters. Our behavior matters. Our language matters. Micro actions matter.

Each of these elements (and more) work together to create a culture, an experience, a brand immersion for each and every employee. And without the thoughtful consideration and the careful attention to each detail, culture can easily change. Culture can easily morph into something that was never intended, often without the leadership even noticing. Especially today, employees have choice. They are looking for more from their organizations. They are more selective of the places that they chose to lend their time and talents. Will your culture set you apart?

What do you want your culture to be like? What micro actions are currently eroding or contributing to the culture you desire? Understanding what is serving or doing a disservice to a healthy and happy culture is an invaluable element to building a successful organization. When is the last time you “checked in” on your culture?

We encourage you to get curious. Go out and ask questions. Experience it from a different perspective. Observe. Listen. What are you seeing? What are you hearing? Does it match what you envisioned? Does it match your vision? If not, get to work. Get curious. And call us, we can help you uncover, understand and intentionally design the culture that can best serve your brand and your stakeholders inside and outside your organization. We owe it to ourselves and our employees to create the best environment possible. What’s your next right step?

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