Along with the rapid pace of change and uncertainty in today’s workplace environment, we have noticed an epidemic of sorts — the dire need for a clarity cleanup. With leaders and teams moving so quickly, there is less time spent on the fundamental steps of defining a project/task and setting their teams up for success. This intentional caretaking of teams is essential in order to maximize productivity, provide high quality output, and increase team satisfaction.

Below are 6 fundamentals for a clarity cleanup to help set your teams up for success:

  1. Big Picture: Clarify the vision, the “why” of the project or initiative. Why are we here? Why does it matter? What is the end game? As an added bonus, inject some inspiration in the vision.

  2. Little Picture: Be clear about why each individual is here. What is your hope for each individual’s contribution? Help each person understand how they can bring their unique strengths to the project and why they belong in the room.

  3. Rules of engagement: What are the ground rules? How do we engage with each other? How do we engage with those outside the group? Taking the time to intentionally co-create these expectations eliminates confusion and more quickly moves the team towards productivity and cohesion.

  4. Communication: What does communication look like for this team? Spending time here in the beginning of a project eliminates confusion and allows the team to collaboratively design a process that makes sense for them so they can quickly start off on the right foot.

  5. Accountability: How are we going to hold ourselves accountable? What is the frequency and mode of accountability? What do we stand to collectively gain if everyone meets their individual demands?

  6. Guard Rails: Define the box for the project. Define parameters — where is there opportunity to take chances and risks, when is it ill-advised to do so? Don’t overprescribe the process, but give them a sandbox to play in.

Taking time to work through these 6 fundamentals may seem like it would slow down the process, but taking the time to “start right” allows teams to hit the ground running and reach successful milestones sooner.

Consider how you can incorporate these ideas into your next project kick off. Importantly, check in with your team post-project. Did they feel the impact of a clarity cleanup? What did the group learn, and how can clarity be further improved for the next project or initiative?

Whether it’s a project, team, or organizational need for a clarity cleanup, we are here to help. Schedule a conversation with us to get started. 

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