Building culture is a fascinating thing, especially as a consultant. From the outside, you have perspective that helps in highlighting elements that a leadership team may have become blind to. But it also means it is difficult to shepherd the process for change. To guide and influence the creation and course correction of an organic, living, breathing organization. Where change happens and people – dynamic, glorious, unpredictable people – are bombarded and distracted by the many demands of their day. Some days, nurturing culture change can seem like an insurmountable, uphill task.

What does it take to nurture the growth of a culture? Is it only a survey and touch points that amount to 10% of the year? Is that how real change happens? We need to rethink the model of change and what it takes to truly stand up a changed culture.

Culture change is a daily task. Not a program. It’s a labor of love. A discipline of time and consistent attention.

It’s amazing the change that can happen with constant pressure, constant attention.

Stay the course.