Ohio Turnpike Leadership Development: 2022 Opportunities

Thank you for your continued engagement in this program. Your participation and enthusiasm is what makes real change possible.

We’ve done some grounding in design thinking and leadership development over the last six months. Now we will use our time together as a group to dive deeper into specific challenges and begin to move toward solving them. In our last group session, we encouraged you to be a little selfish about what you would like to accomplish with your team and department. Please share those thoughts, or additional thoughts regarding specific accomplishments, in the form below (your specific responses will be visible only to Joe and Kathy). What are your biggest challenges? What would you like to have insight or improvement around? We will find common themes in everyone’s responses and use it to inform our work in 2022. Thank you again for your participation!

-Joe and Kathy

What are your biggest challenges? What would you like more insight or improvement around?