Ohio Turnpike Director Sessions

Several of you have indicated interest in Directors Only sessions as a space for you to come together and strategically focus on taking action against items emerging from the group sessions. Please indicate your level of interest in the form below.

Yes please, we would benefit from the focused time together.No, the last thing we need is more meetings. Make it stop.
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Innovation for Organizations

Build the foundation for innovation, starting with your people.

Mission, Vision, Values

Belonging: The Prerequisite for Innovation

Innovation for Teams

Explore corporate team building events and workshops guaranteed to ignite your teams. Engage in innovation and problem solving in real time — and then apply those lessons to your business.

Surge: Leadership Development at the Speed of Change

Leadership Olympics

Organizational Rhapsody

Mind in Boat

Innovation for Individuals

Executive coaching uniquely focused on the attributes that create innovative leaders.

Coaching for Innovation

Putting Innovation into Action

Schedule a design thinking workshop or sprint to tackle a current challenge or innovate around a new idea:

Design Thinking Workshops