Design Thinking

Design Thinking Workshops

​Switch Innovation Lab’s design thinking workshops immerse participants immediately in the process of innovation and problem solving in engaging and creative ways. This includes:

  • Learning by doing. Scientific studies have consistently shown that experiential learning significantly increases the absorption, retention, and application of information
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Accepting failure as part of the path towards a successful outcome
  • Embracing a growth mindset
  • Overcoming the paralysis of a blank canvas
  • Moving forward from static thinking
  • Embracing curiosity and positivity as a means to solve problems
  • Creating an immediate “win” for the participants that can be applied in further meaningful and tactical ways.

design thinking workshop

We saw great progress during the workshop and more importantly, identified action items to follow up. It was a very productive and energetic session that kept everybody engaged in the discussion. We saw the results and the progress. Thank you!

— Vice President, Large Software Company

design thinking workshop

Design Thinking Workshop Benefits:

  • The root causes of underlying problems are uncovered and defined
  • Vulnerability is shared in natural ways that increases interpersonal connections and collaboration
  • Real problems are defined and solutions are shared
  • The design thinking methodology is learned and practiced — and can be applied to future problems
  • Participants practice empathy and organically build the trust necessary for successful problem solving
  • Participants create and step through all the stages of design thinking in their own unique experience

You can expect to:

  • Gain a brief grounding in the design thinking methodology and learn how we will apply it to your specific challenges.
  • Work individually and as teams to ideate and test solutions to your specific challenges.
  • Leave with a defined action plan that outlines next steps, accountability and measurement of your devised solution.


  • Don’t be afraid to choose a “wicked” problem that lacks an obvious solution. Whether it is related to people, systems or processes, design thinking helps find solutions to difficult problems.
  • We recommend that you include a cross-section of people, roles and departments from your company. Design thinking works well with multi-faceted teams consisting of representatives from all parts of the organization.

We will meet with you and your team to define the desired outcomes of your workshop and to prepare a custom program that meets your specific needs. Please reach out to begin the conversation.

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