Design Thinking Programs

Design thinking is a methodology that is most effective when it is experienced. Go Big’s design thinking programs immerse participants immediately in the process of innovation and problem solving in engaging and creative ways. Benefits of this include:

  • Learning by doing. Scientific studies have consistently shown that experiential learning significantly increases the absorption, retention, and application of information
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Accepting failure as part of the path towards a successful outcome
  • Embracing a growth mindset
  • Overcome the paralysis of a blank canvas
  • Move forward from static thinking
  • Embrace curiosity and positivity as a means to solve problems
  • Creating an immediate “win” for the participants
  • Creation of a tangible artifact that can be shared with others and revisited as a success benchmark

Design thinking programs can either be implemented as stand-alone experiences or incorporated as the first phase of a design thinking workshop.

Benefits of standalone program:

  • Problems become self-evident
  • Collaboration happens organically
  • People step up, sometimes in unfamiliar roles
  • Vulnerability is shared in natural ways that increases interpersonal connections
  • Participants create an artifact to share with the rest of the organization
  • Real problems are defined and solutions are shared
  • The design thinking methodology is learned and practiced — and can be applied to future problems

Benefits when programs are incorporated into a full design thinking workshop:

  • Acts as discovery phase for the workshop – the root causes of underlying problems are uncovered and defined
  • Participants practice empathy and build trust that is necessary for successful problem solving
  • Participants create and step through all the stages of design thinking in their own unique experience


Go Big’s Design Thinking Programs Include:

organizational rhapsody - design thinking program

The Power of Music to Transform Organizations

Organizational Rhapsody brings your team together to collaborate on the writing, performing and recording of an original song, from scratch, start to finish. This musical creation will represent your organization — either as it exists today, or as the participants would like to see it in the future.

This design thinking program enables participants to work through creative differences toward a common goal, practice rapid prototyping to speed up the process of innovation, and create sharable content that will drive the direction of the organization.

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Level X

The Leadership Velocity Experience

Level X is a design thinking program that actively engages your team in the hands-on design and build of a custom electric vehicle. It applies the concept of velocity and the metaphors found in vehicle dynamics (power, braking, steering, traction, support, etc.) to prompt leadership discussions and activities.

Level X participants work through the design thinking process to solve their toughest leadership challenges. Whether it’s resolving communication breakdowns, overall team dynamics, system and product innovation, or even work/life balance issues — Level X provides the methodology and action plan for leaders to return to the workplace confident in their future success.

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Tie Sabaki logo

Leveraging Martial Arts for Business Success

Tai Sabaki is a principle of body management that positions oneself in an advantageous position. Instead of force, it typically applies the concepts of redirection, anticipation and harmony.

“Tie” Sabaki is an immersive, interactive design thinking program that teaches martial arts concepts and techniques, then applies these to the topics of rank, conflict resolution, organizational balance, overcoming fear, and collaboration within an organization.

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Innovation Deep Dives

These immersive, 9-12 month programs have been specifically developed to address the biggest challenges facing organizations today.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB)

Surge: Leadership Development Program

Innovation Infusions

Explore corporate team building events and workshops guaranteed to ignite your teams. Engage in innovation and problem solving in real time — and then apply those lessons to your business.

Leadership Olympics

Organizational Rhapsody

Mind in Boat

Design Thinking Workshops

Innovation Pathways

Unlock the full potential of your organization through our design thinking and organizational development consulting services:

Organizational Development

Mission, Vision, Values Consulting

Executive Coaching